On behalf of the European Society for Health and Medical Sociology and Uppsala University, I am pleased to announce the 18th biennial ESHMS conference.

Under the theme of ‘Imagining beyond crisis: health, society, medicine’ the conference will be convened from 27th to 29th August 2020, in the English Park (engelska parken) Campus of Uppsala University.

Crises are not hard to find in contemporary Europe: crises in democratic representation and the distribution of resources, in solidarity with and hospitality towards immigrants, in environmental degradation, species extinction and climate change. Some health crises cry out for a sociological approach: socio-economic aspects cannot be ignored in addressing antimicrobial resistance and widening mortality inequalities. Any crisis that implies social cohesion and economic inequalities within and beyond Europe has a health sociological dimension.

How do we as scholars, practitioners, policy-makers grapple with the moral panics and conspiracy theories that accompany crises? As sociologists how do we use research evidence to represent and understand such crises, to analyse the underlying causes and effects, to imagine a better social world?

The scientific and programme committees are at work on the practicalities of a conference where we hope to welcome you to exercise your sociological imagination on medical sociological matters.

Look out for further announcements about abstract submission and registration here.

From Hannah Bradby, Professor, Sociology Department, Uppsala University.